This photograph was taken on 21st June 1884 for the celebrations of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee- with everyone dressed in their Sunday best.
At the front: the two most successful Camplin brothers: Edgard (right) and Henry (left). Behind: The young men in the background are Henry's four sons: Henry, Robert, George and William, and Edgard's son Charles in the centre. Charles was the "father" of the Peacoat.

The Camplin Family was well known for its Navy supplies and had shops in London and Portsmouth, founded by Edgard Camplin in 1850. Later it was actually Edgard's dynamic son who started supplying uniforms to the Royal Navy in 1888. The Camplin success story really came from the British Colonies, where Charles understood the need for standardization in uniform production. From that moment on he was the one to supply uniforms to the Royal Navy in their most important Colonial Campaign. This was also the reason why he was awarded the Naval General Service medal (a medal with a blue ribbon with green stripes) and to this day the same blue and green tape is used in finishing touches to the Peacoat.