Through the exclusive use of prestigious fabrics and materials, both British and Italian, each Camplin garment ensures originality, guaranteeing unique and unparalleled jackets made according to age-old traditions and manufacturing techniques to create exclusive high-performing garments with great historical value.

Elegance and strength

This is also thanks to the process used to coat environmentally friendly wools with resin, transforming them into rainwool, which can be used on rainy days without becoming worn or wet.

Colours and personalisation

Camplin offers its most iconic garments in over 20 different colours, from white to orange, from sky blue to yellow, black, khaki and green.
Each Camplin jacket can also be personalised, for example through the choice of buttons (in burnished metal, gold, horn or silver): for an entirely unique iconic and traditional garment.


Special rain resistant fabric, 100% made in Italy.


Melton made with extra fine, anti-pilling fibers, with a very wear-resistant structure.


English original from the best wool mills: Harris Tweed, Abraham Moon & Sons, Fox Brothers…


Selected the best moleskin for a timeless comfort.


Traditional waterproof cottons, completely impermeable to rain.